Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Smokecloud Records 001 - “A Tale Of 2 Dons” shipping now!!

Smokecloud Records 001 - “A Tale Of 2 Dons”

Audiophile grade quality, strictly vinyl limited press 12”
All tracks are professionally mastered & cut at 45 rpm for highest signal to noise ratio i.e. best quality sound.

Track Listing:
3 Track EP of Nu Disco / Deep Disco Edits
A - Dirty DISCO - 100bpm
B1 - She Wants 2 DISCO - 108bpm
B2 - DISCO Treat - 113bpm

     Tale Of 2 Dons sampler - 12" VINYL only - preview by osmose

link: http://soundcloud.com/osmose/tale-of-2-dons-sampler-12/s-HkJFu

Nu Disco / Deep Disco / Edits
3 track EP of Nu Disco style Edits down in the tempo range.  Engineered to get the evening started or wind it down. Tracks have been edited to be dance floor friendly and new beats & percussion layers have been created/built to make these tracks pop on large sound systems and small PA’s alike.

Dirty DISCO & She Wants 2 DISCO take two tracks familiar to most people and transform them into DJ party tracks of a stylish & sexy nature, while also riding the line of a sleazy & dirty Nu Disco sound.  Well rounded in both regards.

DISCO Treat is a mid-tempo track that doesn’t front and takes you straight to the Disco-tech. Extra cowbell has been included!

Coming Soon:
B- Jam “Swindled By Time” - 2 Track 10” audiophile grade quality, strictly vinyl limited press of Deep Disco / Funk Edits. It’s not just the jam...it’s B-JAM!!!
Here’s a taste: http://soundcloud.com/barryfell/sets/swindled-by-time-ep/

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