Monday, July 25, 2011

What artists around the world have to say about "A Tale Of 2 Dons" / scr-001!!


Sleazy McQueen

(Bearfunk, Whiskey Disco, Eighth Dimension, House Arrest & Morris Audio)

“Disco Treat sounds exactly like the type of track I look for on Whiskey Disco, nice one!”

(Bastard Jazz)

"A chunky slow burner of a 12" from Atlanta - packing this one in the bag for sure!"

Ajello / DJ Rocca
(Demo-Disc / NANG / Mantra Vibes / Maxi Discs)

"Really like DISCO Treat, I'm goin to play it for sure. Looking forward to receive B-Jam vinyl"

The Ivory Boy / DJ Tib / The Peanuts  
(Small World Disco Edits / Jazzman  / Real American)

"Nice one! Loveeeee the b2 tune! (DISCO Treat) Thanks a lot! Will play it at Berlin Elevator Disco in a week!"

(Go-Bang SF / KALX-FM)

“A wonderful, sexy release with pop goodness!
B2 - DISCO Treat - 113bpm my favorite!!! chugging bassline, crazy synth & a great flying-through-the air feel! I can't get enough of it!”

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