Monday, September 19, 2011

"Swindled By Time" SCR-002 QUOTE SHEET


Smokecloud Records 002 (SCR-002)
      B-Jam “Swindled by Time” VINYL


LTJ X-perience

(Super Value, Small World Disco Edits, Sleazy Beats, IRMA, Oh Cristo)

“The A side it's really HOT! It's my preferred tune.”

Sleazy McQueen

(Whiskey Disco, House Arrest, Hairy Claw, Bearfunk, Greenhouse)

“I Don't Want It's chugging bass and beat work really well with Love Hangover's smooth crooning. It's in the record bag and will mix perfectly with Whiskey Disco!”


The Ivory Boy / DJ Tib / The Peanuts

(Small World Disco Edits / Jazzman  / Real American)

“Two precious tracks for the real heads out of there.  Amazing second release for Smokecloud!"

Ajello / DJ Rocca
(Demo-Disc / NANG / Mantra Vibes / Maxi Discs)

“Sounds amazing!! Both tracks are very useful in my sets. Thank you again for that!!”


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