Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Artist's quotes + Copies selling fast!


If you're looking to get a copy of this exclusive 10" VINYL only release, you should act fast as supply is running low and it is going to be difficult, if not impossible to have it repressed in this country.  Good news and bad news...we think the good out ways the bad.  More awesome feedback from respected artists we know and love!  List of retailers below.

LTJ X-perience

(Super Value, Small World Disco Edits, Sleazy Beats, IRMA, Oh Cristo)

“The A side (I Don't Want It) it's really HOT! It's my preferred tune.”

Cole Medina
(American Standard / House Arrest / Whiskey Disco / Gimme The Loot / Licorice Delight)

"Loving this record inside out! Will def stay in the crates for a long
while. Highly recommend picking up this gem, no sleeping on this one!"

Tal M Klein / ½ of The Sly Players
(Aniligital Music / EDR / Hector Works)

“Smokecloud’s sophomore release makes the ladies shake the babies.  Deep, down and dirty mid-tempo disco delight”

Charted at Juno:

Crosstalk (CHI) -
Downtown304 (NYC) -
Vinyl Dreams (SF) -
Big City Records (NYC) -
Co-Op 87 (Brooklyn) -
Halcyon (Brooklyn) -
Academy Annex (Brooklyn) -
Academy Records (NYC) -
Dope Jams (Brooklyn) -
A-1 Records (NYC) -
Ear Candy Records (Missoula) -
The Groove (Nashville) -
Beat Lab USA (ATL) -

UK & Europe
Juno Records -
Piccadilly Records -
Phonica Records -
Chemical Records -


  1. nice vinyl!!!
    I write a review this vinyl(text JP)

  2. Awesome let me know where it lives when it's posted up brother.

  3. Thank you for this record! "I Don't Want It" is a killer cut! Brought it to London last weekend ... as featured on Warm radio show ... here ...
    Apologies for sound on some cuts (only right channel)... serato djs before us were messing around ;)