Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smokecloud signs Jose Bee to jumpstart Hip-Hop 7" series

 Jose Bee “Get Up & Get Down”

   As a DJ who plays many styles of music, I have found that the new Hip-Hop that I have been purchasing over the past couple of years is almost always on 7”.  Furthermore, Jose Bee has been on my radar for around 2 years peeking my interest with two very interesting mixes that were not exactly Hip-Hop in nature, but had a very soulful and downtempo tone to them as well as a heavy amount of additional production.  Jose’s body of work in the form of original Hip-Hop instrumentals really started to grow leaps & bounds over the past year to the point that it became apparent to me that if I wanted to branch the label out into the Hip-Hop instrumental 7” game then Jose Bee would have to be the prime candidate to aid me in that move.  Below is a little info on the man himself plus a mixtape style mix he did that uses his original instrumentals with some of the best Hip-Hop acapellas around.

Jose Bee
   Long time DJ and digger in the UK Hip hop and Funk scene, Jose Bee cut his DJing teeth in the glorious mid-nineties hip hop era. At that time he also began making productions using the legendary MPC 2000. As a member of the Mixkings DJ collection ( he’s been rocking parties across the UK with the likes of DMC champions DJ Bunty, Richie Ruftone and DJ Woody.  Along with DJing and producing, Jose runs DJ website (

Quote from Jose: “When I’m producing I’m always thinking of the club and what makes a good club record. The foundation of my tracks are always tight organic drums and heavy bass that I lace with just the right instrumentation and vocals till I find that perfect groove”.

   Jose Bee's Chop Shop Mix by jose bee


Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Seen It All (B-Jam big room edit)" FREE download


Brother Barry has done it again and blessed us with a free download of some Slomodisco goodness clocking in around 95 bpm and really thumping in the low end as all good Slomo should!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

B-Jam - MLSelection mix #05

01. Superbreak - The Sparrow (Brevil’s Unbreakable edit) [unreleased]
02. B-Jam - Later [unreleased]
03. B-Jam - Fantasy Trip [unreleased]
04. Duke Slammer - G$$ip [Bonus7]
05. Superbreak - Right On (Superbreak Edit) [unreleased]
06. Heion - Off [In The Woods]
07. B-Jam - Stop Out [Superbreak]
08. Joseph Terruel - U Dreamin’ [Editorial]
09. B-Jam - Everyday [unreleased]
10. S-low Kick - Plastic rework [unreleased]
11. DJ Steef - I Can Win [Editorial]
12. WAR - Slippin’ Into Darkness (bydesign rework) [unreleased]
13. Shalamar - There It Is (Homon edit) [unreleased]
14. Mannmademusic - Movin On [Diner City Sound]
15. Psychemajik - Ass Nation [Healin Feelin]
Release Date: 12.02.2012
Artwork/Photography: André Lemos Pinto [MLSelection]

Barry's making the rounds and Smokecloud records couldn't be more happy about it.  Great sampling of some very forward unreleased  and soon to be released gems.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Irie DISCO - Slomo / Nudisco edit

(Dennis Brown vs Osmose slomo-disco edit) 
Free Download
Osmose meets Dennis Brown inna irie slomo disco style seen!!
- edit from an analog source -

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hotel Sexus 04 - The Ivory Boy via Local Kaffee

Smokecloud friend and very talented DJ/Producer, The Ivory Boy (also 1/2 of the duo known as The Peanuts) recently dropped an all VINYL mix for Local Kaffee out of Los Angeles, CA.  We were delighted to see that the test press we sent him of B-Jam's "Verry Free" made the cut.  Definitely one of the more interesting mixes we have heard in sometime, so definitely give it a listen and you may also want to check out some of the other mixes that Local Kaffee has to offer too.  Hotel Sexus 02 seems like another dope offering.  

If your interested in purchasing B-Jam's 10" vinyl only release, "Swindled By Time",  I would suggest you try one of the retailers below.  We are no longer shipping units out so what's currently left in the retail world is what's up for grabs. Some of the spots below may be sold out, but at last glance in the US - Crosstalk, Earcandy and Downtown304 still had copies as well as Juno in the UK.

   Hotel Sexus 04 - The Ivory Boy by Local Kaffee

Catalog#: SCR002
Format: 10" vinyl
Release date: 4 Nov 11
Downtown304 (NYC) -
Vinyl Dreams (SF) -
Co-Op 87 (Brooklyn) -
Halcyon (Brooklyn) -
Academy Annex (Brooklyn) -
Academy Records (NYC) -
Dope Jams (Brooklyn) -
Ear Candy Records (Missoula) -
Beat Lab USA (ATL) -