Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hotel Sexus 04 - The Ivory Boy via Local Kaffee

Smokecloud friend and very talented DJ/Producer, The Ivory Boy (also 1/2 of the duo known as The Peanuts) recently dropped an all VINYL mix for Local Kaffee out of Los Angeles, CA.  We were delighted to see that the test press we sent him of B-Jam's "Verry Free" made the cut.  Definitely one of the more interesting mixes we have heard in sometime, so definitely give it a listen and you may also want to check out some of the other mixes that Local Kaffee has to offer too.  Hotel Sexus 02 seems like another dope offering.  

If your interested in purchasing B-Jam's 10" vinyl only release, "Swindled By Time",  I would suggest you try one of the retailers below.  We are no longer shipping units out so what's currently left in the retail world is what's up for grabs. Some of the spots below may be sold out, but at last glance in the US - Crosstalk, Earcandy and Downtown304 still had copies as well as Juno in the UK.

   Hotel Sexus 04 - The Ivory Boy by Local Kaffee

Catalog#: SCR002
Format: 10" vinyl
Release date: 4 Nov 11
Downtown304 (NYC) - http://www.downtown304.com/
Vinyl Dreams (SF) - http://www.vinyldreams.us/
Co-Op 87 (Brooklyn) - http://coop87.org/
Halcyon (Brooklyn) - http://halcyonline.com/
Academy Annex (Brooklyn) - http://www.academyannex.com/blog/
Academy Records (NYC) - http://www.academy-records.com/
Dope Jams (Brooklyn) - https://dopejams.pinnaclecart.com/
Ear Candy Records (Missoula) - http://www.earcandymusic.nu/
Beat Lab USA (ATL) - http://www.beatlabusa.com/

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