Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smokecloud signs Jose Bee to jumpstart Hip-Hop 7" series

 Jose Bee “Get Up & Get Down”

   As a DJ who plays many styles of music, I have found that the new Hip-Hop that I have been purchasing over the past couple of years is almost always on 7”.  Furthermore, Jose Bee has been on my radar for around 2 years peeking my interest with two very interesting mixes that were not exactly Hip-Hop in nature, but had a very soulful and downtempo tone to them as well as a heavy amount of additional production.  Jose’s body of work in the form of original Hip-Hop instrumentals really started to grow leaps & bounds over the past year to the point that it became apparent to me that if I wanted to branch the label out into the Hip-Hop instrumental 7” game then Jose Bee would have to be the prime candidate to aid me in that move.  Below is a little info on the man himself plus a mixtape style mix he did that uses his original instrumentals with some of the best Hip-Hop acapellas around.

Jose Bee
   Long time DJ and digger in the UK Hip hop and Funk scene, Jose Bee cut his DJing teeth in the glorious mid-nineties hip hop era. At that time he also began making productions using the legendary MPC 2000. As a member of the Mixkings DJ collection ( he’s been rocking parties across the UK with the likes of DMC champions DJ Bunty, Richie Ruftone and DJ Woody.  Along with DJing and producing, Jose runs DJ website (

Quote from Jose: “When I’m producing I’m always thinking of the club and what makes a good club record. The foundation of my tracks are always tight organic drums and heavy bass that I lace with just the right instrumentation and vocals till I find that perfect groove”.

   Jose Bee's Chop Shop Mix by jose bee


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