Monday, March 19, 2012

Slomo My Soul - Osmose vinyl mix for SloMo Radio

   Slomo My Soul - Osmose vinyl mix for H & G SloMo Radio Glasgow by osmose

“Slomo My Soul” vinyl mix by Osmose
For Holbeck & Gardiner Slomo Radio Glasgow

- Al Johnson  “I’m Back For More * Onur Engin edit” OE006
- G&D “Some Time” No More Hits
- Moses Dillard “Got To Find A Way *DJ Will-Rock edit” GAMM
- G&D “Turned” No More Hits
- Ripple vs Pete Rock “Sure Is Funky *DJ Will-Rock edit” GAMM
- Luda vs Idris “Stand Up *DJ Will-Rock edit” GAMM
- M.K. “So Many Ways” Diner City Sound (1st press)
- EWF “Devotion (live) *DJ Will-Rock edit” GAMM
- Riccio “Feeling” Bosconi
- Stupid Human “Star in The Ghetto”
- Nicholas “Wind City” Amplified!
- Tomas Malo “Shelter” Outernational
- Alexander O’Neal “Broken Heart Can Mend (org. 7” edit)” Tabu
- Tina Charles “I Love To Love (org. 7” edit)” CBS
- Peter Brown “Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me” TK Disco
- Peter Brown “Burning Love Breakdown (org. 7” edit)” TK Disco
- George McCrae “Look At You (org. 7” edit)” TK Disco

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