Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Artist & DJ Quotes about Jose Bee 7" vinyl

DJ & Artist Quotes
Smokecloud Records SCR-003
     Jose Bee “Get Up & Get Down”

Justin "J-Boogie" Boland - San Francisco, USA
OM Records / Ubiquity Records /  Dub Mission SF

“The “Get Down” instrumental has those raw funk horns that got me jumpin’ around. Definitely a knock out!”

DJ SUN - Houston, USA
Eighteenth Street Lounge resident DJ / Soular Productions / KPFT-FM

"Clever mash up of two 90s hip hop classics to a really energetic original beat. Score!"

Tal M. Klein (1/2 of The Sly Players) - San Francisco, USA
Goodgroove Records / EDR / Aniligital Music / Hector Works

“Party hardy hip hop breaks for the midtempo crew from one of the rising stars in the edit community.”

  Smokecloud records SCR003 7" vinyl by jose bee

Audiophile grade quality, strictly vinyl limited press 7”
All tracks are professionally mastered & cut at 45 rpm for highest signal to noise ratio i.e. best quality sound.

Track Listing:
2 Track EP of Hip-Hop / Mash-Up / Instrumental
A - Get Up (vocal) - 101 bpm
B - Get Down (instrumental) - 101 bpm

Hip-Hop / Mash-Up / Instrumental / Downtempo
2 track EP featuring an original Hip-Hop instrumental /production on the B side and the A side geared towards rocking the joint with a Mash-Up edit on top of the instrumental. Useful in parties and nightclubs alike.

Get Up - Jose B brings together two classic 90's era vocals over a blistering Hip-Hop instrumental production. Like all good Hip-Hop should, this track acknowledges its roots whilst looking towards the future.

Get Down - A blistering horn and bass led Hip-Hop instrumental sure to be loved by DJ’s & MC’s.


Crosstalk International: http://www.crosstalkintl.com/node/35489
Vinyl Dreams: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vinyl-Dreams/136946103009015
BeatLab USA:  Atlanta
Juno Records: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/451870-01.htm
Jet Set Records : http://www.jetsetrecords.net/JOSE-BEE-GET-UP-GET-DOWN/p/425004330532

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