Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Get Up & Get Down" chart love from Honey Disco

   Want to give a special shout out to a solid brother in Canada by the name of Hristo for the chart love of Jose Bee's forthcoming release on Smokecloud records, "Get Up & Get Down".  You should check his chart (I do!) because there are always some eclectic vinyl gems that you may have missed.

Spring Essentials Chart

     If you don't know about Hristo and Honey Disco then please allow me to enlighten you.  Hristo takes hand crafted to whole new level.  The honeycomb on the back of these one-sided vinyl only Disco gems is in fact real honeycomb...and not just any honeycomb.  You see Hristo is a bee keeper.  A craft past down to him from his father and the honeycomb on these records is from his bees. I thought we put a lot of heart and soul into the records that we're putting out here from Smokecloud, but Honey Disco really takes it deep.  

    Above is a picture of the forthcoming 2nd vinyl only release on Honey Disco which is a super Slomo Disco burner that I like to classify as Bedroom Disco.  I think it will probably show up at somepoint on Juno, but you may also want to try Vinyl Dreams out of SF if you're here stateside as I'm sure this is something they would be carrying.  If you slept on Honey Disco & Hristo's first release "Take It With A Big Spoon", there are still a couple of copies left on Juno.  I would get one while you can.

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