Monday, May 28, 2012

45Revolver Summer 2012 vinyl mix

  Being a vinyl only label, as well as, a vinyl only DJ it's nice to showcase some of my vinyl bredren's fancy foot work on the decks from time to time.  This particular mix happens to also feature Smokecloud recording artist B-Jam ("Swindled By Time" - "I Don't Want It") and I'm going to be a bit forward in saying Smokecloud future recording artist  (and now USA citizen) JP Source. 

  This mix comes forward from Jason Palmer aka the 45Revolver.  Mr. Palmer and I are no strangers to each other by any means.  In 2003, I had the pleasure of making the link with the 45Revolver and joining forces in a series of events called "Quality" that took place in Chattanooga, TN.  If you're thinking about the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, you got that shit right, but there was much more chugging than just the train.  Mr. Palmer moved on to the 808 state of Hawaii where he became a household name in Oahu's red light & nightclub district Chinatown.  He would also become my main booking contact on the island which would lead to 3 a year back to back week long DJ adventure in the south Pacific with gigs ranging from First Friday's in Chinatown (a monthly street party that must be experienced to be believed) to Pau Hana (happy hour gigs) in swanky spots such as Bar35 & Indigo to opening up for Collie Buddz & New Kingston at Pipeline, Hawaii's premier midsize concert venue.

  The 45Revolver now resides in Tampa, Florida and is in the process of assimilating to the main land.  Be on the look-out for this vinyl brother coming to club near you soon!

You can also still find a copy of B-Jam's "Swindled by Time" at Juno Records UK.  They seem to be about the only place in the world that still has copies.  I would snag one fast as they will probably start showing up on Discogs in the $20+ range soon.

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