Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nightmares On Wax feedback for SCR-003

A man that needs no introduction and has been a leading figure in multiple music genres as well as the Ibiza club scene has been gracious enough to give us a lil feed back on Smokecloud records 3rd vinyl only release - Jose Bee's "Get Up & Get Down" (SCR-003) plus a little bonus comment on B-Jam's "Swindled By Time" (SCR-002)...which still has about 40 copies floating around in the worldwide marketplace, but is SOLD OUT from the label side.

Jose Bee "Get up & Get down" Brings back the hip hop golden era we all !!! crave This will be a Wax Da Jam special in Ibzia this summer for sure!

Love "Very Free" on the 10"  as well (SCR-002) , really good quality timeless music- my thang:-) keep me in the loop!

- Nightmares on Wax / DJ EASE


Smokecloud records
Catalog#: SCR003
Format: 7" vinyl 
Beat Lab USA (ATL) - Atlanta Local


Label: Smokecloud
Catalog#: SCR002
Format: 10" vinyl
Release date: 4 Nov 2011
Crosstalk (CHI) - 
Vinyl Dreams (SF) - Discogs
Big City Records (NYC) -
Co-Op 87 (Brooklyn) -
Halcyon (Brooklyn) -
Academy Annex (Brooklyn) -
Academy Records (NYC) -
Dope Jams (Brooklyn) -
A-1 Records (NYC) -
Ear Candy Records (Missoula) -
Beat Lab USA (ATL) - Atlanta Local
Criminal Records (ATL) - Atlanta Local

Also search Discogs & eBay if you're a regular record buyer on those fronts.

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