Saturday, May 19, 2012

Smokecloud Records SCR-004 "HOT"

Smokecloud Records SCR-004
Sleazy McQueen & Osmose “HOT”
"YP Disco" sample


Audiophile grade quality, strictly vinyl limited press 12”
All tracks are professionally mastered by a living legend for best sound quality and hand stamped with love on chipboard/natural 12” jackets.

Track Listing:
4 track EP - Disco / Nudisco / Re-edit / Slomo
A1 - Sleazy McQueen - “Is It In edit” 115 bpm
A2 - Sleazy McQueen - “U Get Me Hot edit” 105 bpm
B1 - Osmose - “YP DISCO” 98 bpm
B2 - Osmose - “SloDISCO Magic” 84 bpm

Disco / Nudisco / Slomo / Edit
4 track EP with international DJ/ Producer (and Whiskey Disco head honcho) Sleazy McQueen delivering 2 knockout re-edits of Jimmy “Bo” Horne classics from the TK Disco catalog with J. Collazo on the keys. Rounded out by DJ Osmose providing 2 magically Slomodisco edits, one of the Boogie variety with a Yarbrough and Peoples edit and one of the super Slomo style paying homage to several Super Vaule edit’s classics.

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