Monday, June 25, 2012

Sleazy McQueen & Osmose "Hot" OUT NOW!

Smokecloud Records SCR-004

     Sleazy McQueen & Osmose “Hot”




JP Source
(Bedmo Disco / Audio Parallax)
“It doesn't get much sweeter than this! 4 gloriously sinful edits that I can grab at for any occasion. heavy rotation this summer.”

(KALX-FM / Go Bang SF / SyntheTigers)
“Loved it! Repeat play and in-the-bag action!
A1 great funky chugging rerub of this cheeky funk classic!
A2 funky jam! love it!
B1 awesome 80s boogie funky jam! love it major!
B2 funky jazz beat track is that magione? “

Tal M Klein / ½ of The Sly Players
(Aniligital Music / Plimsoll / Hector Works / ESL)
“Both Sleazy and Osomse show that the edit scene can be more than just a cut & paste job - four sumptuous gems sure to satisfy even the most discriminating DJ. Truly a gorgeous release.”

Ajello / DJ Rocca
(Demo Disc / NANG / ISM / Maxi Discs / Ministry Of Sound)
“Love the 12" TP (HOT)...especially the Is It In cover, and that Herb Alpert slow edit as well.
Looove it!”

Honolulu, Hawaii
"Phat traxx on hot waxx. Soulful, danceable, and DeeJay playable. Smokecloud Records are Smokin' hot! And, they're keepin' vinyl alive!”

More retailers coming soon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jose Bee now at Turntable Lab & HHV + Free DL!


 It took a dope Hip-Hop instrumental paired with a Mash-Up party jam on said instrumental to finally break in the door at Turntable Lab for Smokecloud records.  Having done business with the New York based record & culture giant for over a decade, I have to say it feels pretty nice.  While we're mentioning new retail spots to find Jose's crafty vinyl work, you can now find "Get Up & Get Down" at in Germany.  Another fine record shop that I have done biz with myself for sometime.  To celebrate we have a dreamy Jose Bee creation to give away.  I would download it while you can.  He may come to his senses and lock it up!


FREE Download

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Smokecloud Records SCR-004 vinyl only

Smokecloud Records SCR-004

     Sleazy McQueen & Osmose “HOT”

Audiophile grade quality, strictly vinyl limited press 12”

All tracks are professionally mastered by a living legend for best sound quality and hand stamped with love on chipboard/natural 12” jackets.

Track Listing:
A1 - Sleazy McQueen - “Is It In edit” 115 bpm
A2 - Sleazy McQueen - “U Get Me Hot edit” 105 bpm
B1 - Osmose - “YP DISCO” 98 bpm
B2 - Osmose - “SloDISCO Magic” 84 bpm

Description: Disco / Nudisco / Slomo / Boogie / Edit

4 track EP with international DJ/ Producer (and Whiskey Disco head honcho) Sleazy McQueen delivering 2 knockout re-edits of Jimmy “Bo” Horne classics from the TK Disco catalog with J. Collazo on the keys. Rounded out by DJ Osmose providing 2 magically Slomodisco edits, one of the Boogie variety with a Yarbrough and Peoples edit and one of the super Slomo style paying homage to several Super Vaule edit’s classics.