Friday, July 20, 2012

The Ivory Boy drops "HOT" inna dope mix!

 This past week The Ivory Boy of Small World Disco Edit’s fame dropped a dope slomodisco mix of what I believe is a strictly vinyl affair, as that’s how he typically rolls (the tracklist seems to indicate this too).  To make this mix extra fine it includes Sleazy McQueen’s edit “You Get Me Hot” which is out now on Smokecloud records 4th vinyl only release “Hot” (SCR-004).  

 If you don’t know The Ivory Boy I would suggest you start learning about him and this brief article is as good a place as any to begin to expand your knowledge of this Italian transplant to Berlin.  Not only has he crafted some super nice edits/remixes for Small World Disco Edits, but is also ½ of the Berlin dynamic duo known as The Peanuts (No More Hits / Real American) plus he is also DJ Tib (Jazzman).  I bought his Jazzman release on Discogs for around $30+ bucks...which is very expensive for me and I think the 2nd most expensive record I’ve ever purchased, but it’s well worth it.  Also it should be noted his DJ Tib’s monocar is entered wrong in Discogs...but this is in fact the same brother.  Look for more vinyl greatness coming from The Ivory Boy & The Peanuts very soon!

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