Sunday, September 9, 2012

Smokecloud Records SCR-005

Smokecloud Records SCR-005

     “Disco Beatdown Allstars”

Audiophile grade quality, strictly vinyl limited press 12”
All tracks are professionally mastered by a living legend for best sound quality.

Track Listing:
4 track EP - Disco / Nudisco / Edit / Boogie / Slomo
A1 - Hristo (Honey Disco) - “With Ur Luv” 115 bpm
A2 - Osmose - “Slomo Truck Stop” 93 bpm
B1 - JP Source - “Chug Thing” 111 bpm
B2 - S-low Kick - “Let Me Show U” 113 bpm


Disco / Nudisco / Slomo / Edit / Boogie
4 track EP with artists from around the globe including Hristo of Canada’s Honey Disco vinyl imprint, UK transplant JP Source (Bedmo Disco / Audio Parallax), Smokecloud ringleader Osmose & a new comer from the south of France S-low Kick with a scorcher Boogie edit. Useful tempo ranges & feel for clubs, lounges and cafes.


Criminal Records (Atlanta / L5P)
A very small # of white label/hand stamped test presses will be available in the USA via Earcave in DC & Vinyl Dreams in SF. Give Thanks!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Osmose - vinyl chart at Juno Records UK

Disco Beatdown Allstars - vinyl chart

Smokecloud records 5th vinyl only release, “Disco Beatdown Allstars” SCR-005 is now in Coming Soon at Juno Records and Presale at Crosstalk in Chicago.


Crosstalk International