Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Beatdown Sounds" SCR-009 sneak peak

Smokecloud records is back with their 9th VINYL ONLY release "Beatdown Sounds"; a multi-artist compilation featuring an ire Slomo stomper from Osmose, a bouncy Deep Disco excursion from The Ivory Boy and Smokecloud staple B-Jam supplying 2 tracks for the uptempo and one his signature style.

Tempos ranging from 92, 101, 110 & 120 bpm.
Limited pressing.
Hand Stamped label and natural chipboard jacket.
LIMITED advance copies of this record can be purchased NOW at the following stores in 
Brooklyn / NYC:
A1 Records -
Human Head Records -

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pitchdown Disco Boogie - Osmose vinyl mix

I want to mention the first 2 tracks.
1: Fake Glasses rework "They Call Him Sledgehammer" on Glenview records GWE1201. This whole record is solid an also features reworks by The Noodleman and Paradise Valley.
If you're not familiar, FG is tight with The Noodleman as they work together as a duo called Paradise Valley (which will see a release soon on Whiskey Disco) and they have launched a vinyl only record label together called Long Weekend records.
Long Weekend records has it's first release out now so look around and perhaps you can snag it up. It features an org House track by The Noodleman and a remix by Eddie C. Hand painted labels…every single one is different.
2: B-Jam "Chancer" forthcoming on Smokecloud records "Beatdown Sounds" SCR-009.
This record also features reworks by myself and The Ivory Boy as well as a uptempo number from B-Jam.
Limited run hand stamped vinyl and natural chipboard style jacket.