Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Disco Excursions" release date Jan 14th 2014

Sleazy McQueen & Osmose
“Disco Excursions” SCR­-010
Smokecloud records
New 7 inch vinyl only series from Sleazy Mcqueen & Osmose.
This one hits hard on the Disco with an uptempo floor burner from SMQ & a Slomodisco rework from Osmose that’s as cool as a California coastal breeze.
Limited press. Hand stamped gold jackets.
A: Sleazy McQueen “TTOF” (120 bpm) ­ Disco heat that wants to know if you’re ready to boogie? Do ya wanna boogie?
B: Osmose “Do What Cha Doin” (92 bpm) ­ Breezy Deep Disco female vocals paired with a dense Slomo groove.
A small batch of hand stamped Test presses are currently available at Oye Records in Berlin, Germany.

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