Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DJ Osmose 7" Vinyl Record Stabilizer

Fashioned from Cold Rolled Steel this stabilizer is polished on one side and the edges and is grooved on the bottom.  Lock your 45's down in style with just the correct amount of bling!

Having used other stabilizers for 7 inch vinyl records to DJ with I had not found the proper tool.  The stabilizers that interlocked with the adaptor would get stuck and I would have to coat them with WD40 or put them in the freezer to unstick them.  
Putting WD40 on them made a mess and it was a hassle putting them in the freezer.  
Neither option was practical for playing out in nightclub or lounges.  
Outside of that, the other stabilizers were too tall and constantly got in my way.

- Low profile, so it’s not in your way while handling, cueing or mixing the record.
- Easily fits around any standard 45 rpm adaptor and some not so standard.
- Helps in windy DJ conditions outside, at pools, decks, patios...etc.

Why use a 45 rpm stabilizer?
If you're DJing out and have older records that the hole is a little worn out, they bow up or down, or have a slight warp to them it can be very difficult to cue, mix or manipulate the record.  This really solves that issue.  Outside of that, by clamping any record to the platter you stabilize the media and increase the low end response.  While the latter can be harder to discern from playback system to playback system the prior statement you will find true straight out of the gate.

This stabilizer can also be used on 12" & 10" records. Just put the adaptor on top of the record then the stabilizer.  It's a 2 step process, but yields all the same benefits and is much lower profile than any 12" stabilizer I've seen.

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