Thursday, December 14, 2017

"Cook & Chill EP" Smokecloud Records VINYL ONLY 12 inch SCR-022

Osmose "Cook & Chill EP"  Smokecloud records SCR-022
12" Vinyl Only Release / Handstamped Natural Chipboard Jacket

3 track EP with the A side geared towards the dancefloor and the B side for chilling out!

A - Get It Straight (Disco House) 117 bpm / 5:49 trt
A2 - Disco Pagen Fantasy (Disco)  114 bpm / 6:30 trt
B - Ur Moody (Downtempo / Beatdown Soul) 81 bpm / 7:51 @ 45rpm

Some people like to Netflix and chill, Osmose prefers to "Cook & Chill". From a classically trained selector we'd expect nothing less... "Get It Straight" is the spicy starter, steamed with big soul emotion and orchestration and very familiar voices. "Disco Pagen Fantasy" is a meaty main course. Unhurried and hearty, the flavours really kick in as the swooning strings mark the development of the loop-heavy downbeat groove. Finally for pudding we're sent to bed satisfied and satiated with a lovingly languished citrus slo-mo jam. Delicious.

Juno Records (London / UK)

Downtown304 (NYC / USA) (Germany)

Redeye records (UK)

Discogs (Worldwide)

Bandcamp  (USA)

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