Monday, June 4, 2018

Bedroom Disco 5 - Osmose vinyl mix...deep down in the sheets

Mixed Live & Direct to disc in one take via 2 x 1210mk5 turntables + DJR400 mixer + Vermona Action Filter 4.

The Campfire  “Truely Loved”  PPU

Osmose  “Do Anything”  Honey Disco

Osmose  “Forgotten Luv”  Smokecloud Records

Osmose  “Ur Moody”  Smokecloud Records

Fake Glasses  “Anka” Pizza Night

UC Beatz  “Lonely Saturday Night”  Entrepot Records

Tim Deluxe  “Love Is” Strictly Rhythm

Zero 7  “In The Waiting Line (Diaspora Mix Instrumental)”  Giant Step Records

UC Beatz  “Playground”  Entrepot Records

JKriv  “Era Um Era”  Razor N Tape

JKriv  “Luana E”  Razor N Tape

JKriv  “Nada De Sol”  Razor N Tape

Dorothy Ashby  “Cause I Need It”  Black Hole

Tarika Blue  “Dreamflower”  Athens Of The North

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